Welcome to Irish Christmas Trees - Quality Artificial Christmas Trees Based in Dundrum

We are Irelands largest shop that specialises in supplying premium quality Christmas directly to your Home, Office or Business.  We have an amazing selection of premium quality Christmas trees both real and artificial for you to choose .

We also provide Christmas themed LED Lights, featuring Iceicle Lights and LED Curtains.

We alo have a corporate Christmas tree decorating service.

Our showroom in Dundrum is open  from 1st of November 2022  to select your artificial Christmas tree!

This year because of the container shortage many retailers are waiting for delivery of their Christmas trees and may not have trees before mid December   !

We are delighted to say that we are fully stocked with  most of your favourite Christmas trees and decorations no need to wait  until December!

NO pre-ordering huge range of artificial Christmas trees in stock physically in stock more on the way..






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